Coral Wetsuits

With winter fast approaching and the increasing chill in the water, its a good reminder of how important it is to stay warm but remain comfortable. It doesn’t matter how good your tackle is, and how great the water looks, if you are cold and miserable, chances are it won’t be a productive session! The best way to remain warm is still a good old wetsuit! A lot of people try a wetsuit once, and immediately say its not for them. That is normally because the right wetsuit is not used for the right application – a wetsuit, as with any rod, has a specific purpose, and this is where Coral has taken things to the next level. Coral Wetsuits have done their market research and are meeting the needs of local fisherfolk. And to top it off you can have it customised to be a perfect fit. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to squeeze into a wetsuit or having one which acts more like a splash pants!

The Coral Fishing Long John is by far the most comfortable wetsuit to fish in. The material is durable but flexible, allowing comfort without compromising on quality. The Fishing Long John comes with abrasion resistant Supratex kneepads, offering protection to your wetsuit when kneeling down in front of your baitbox. It has a front zip which runs two ways which makes a bathroom break for the men a breeze – no longer do you have to strip off jackets and rod buckets! Having the zip in the front also makes it easier to fold down the top half if it starts to warm up or when not wading neck deep the whole day. Not only do they come in a wide range of colours but they also give you the option of having your SA number printed on the back of your wetsuit!

We have always believed in supporting local brands and are happy to say that we would recommend Coral Wetsuits to any fellow fisherfolk or water enthusiast! Coral offers wetsuit for everyone and for every need – from standard to tailored, kiddies to adults from the triathlete to the fisherfolk. To top it off Coral offer a “LIFE TIME GUARANTEE ON ALL STITCHING”, this is just one way of highlighting the quality of their products! Coral has an online shop which makes it even easier to purchase your own custom made wetsuit by providing you with a detailed, online self measurement form to complete!

Coral Wetsuits puts a lot into the sport of fishing and by supporting them we can all do our bit to return the loyalty! For more information on Coral Wetsuits you can head over to their website or alternatively you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram.