Fishing Buddy H-Frame review

Recently moving back from Angola to South Africa has meant no more beach driving for us = a lot more walking and a lot more carrying! After doing some homework on suitable tackle boxes for Rock and Surf fishing, we settled on the Fishing Buddy H-frame. A few minor adaptations and we were good to go!
The workmanship on the Fishing Buddy H-Frame gets a 5/5 in our opinion – it is extremely durable! However this doesn’t hinder the weight or the comfort of the frame. The straps are perfectly placed, adjustable and well padded to ensure that it is a perfect fit for anyone! It even gets a seal of approval from Stella!  
The only two (minor) negatives with the Fishing Buddy H-frame that we can comment on are that:
1) if rods are left in the rod holders, the box tends to fall over. This however is not an issue for us as we always carry proper rod stands with us.
2) the cable ties which hold the lid don’t allow the lid much movement and eventually either snap or cause damage to the lid. This is a very easy and quick fix… we used some parachute chord and a drilling machine and it is now good to go!
Carlos has been using his both competitively and socially, for a year, with no complaints at all! I have recently got one, whilst it is mostly used for nappies and bum cream – it gives us an extra surface to easily put on the cooler box and allow us to carry along a few cold ones and spare bait! 
If you are looking for an H-frame, we would highly recommend that you go check out Fishing Buddy on Facebook or on their website!
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*** Please note that we are not sponsored by Fishing Buddy. Our review is nothing but a reflection of our own opinion. ***