Seal Point Lures

We are sale representatives of Seal Point Lures and are happy to assist you with bulk orders. Should you have any trade enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A bit of background info about Seal Point Lures?

Seal Point plugs are hand crafted from Polyethylene engineering plastic, making them almost indestructible. They are lathe turned and balanced for perfect casting. 316 L stainless steel wire through and split rings with Mustad 3565 BDS treble hooks. The most popular colour remains white but green and pink have their day too.

There are a number of Seal Point Lures available, one for every application. See below a list of products:

Garrick Plugs:

These plugs are created for choppy surface condition and make plenty of splash and noise, even when retrieved at slower speeds. They are ideal for garrick, giant trevally, tuna and elf, amongst other species.

Canoe Plugs:

Canoe plugs are best suited to flat, light wind conditions. They can be retrieved slowly and even tweaked like a stickbait. Canoe plugs also work at speed in flat conditions especially when thrown from a boat. Effective for targeting yellowtail, garrick, tuna, dorado, elf, queenfish and bonito.

Slim Plugs:

These skinny plugs are designed for calmer conditions and are highly effective if there is a good wind riffle on the surface. Can be wound fast to imitate fleeing needlenose/garfish or slowly, to appear like an injured baitfish. Best for those days when a big lure could spook  wary fish. These plugs have caught yellowtail, garrick, tuna, queenfish, giant trevally and even roosterfish.

Yellowtail plugs:

One of the originals and still a favourite. This plug, tapered to the rear, works best in moderate seas at medium speed for yellowtail, garrick and giant trevally.

All plugs are available in a variety of sizes ranging from a small half ounce to a large six ounce. For more information and for price enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.