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Our dingle-dangle range…

With a huge shift towards catch and release fishing, circle hooks are becoming more popular. The use of a dingle dangle drastically improves the success of a circle hook as it allows the hook to do what it is supposed to do, without any distractions. There are currently a wide verity of dingle dangles available on the market, but none which met our expectations. We have slowly been making them for ourselves, been putting them to the test and adapting them to produce a product which we feel 100% confident in.

What sets ours apart from the rest? We make use of quality materials. Our wires are 316 Stainless Steel which are bent and twisted off so as to ensure that they will never open. Some would say that you could tow a car with them! A one-piece high density foam forms the “body” of the dingle dangle, giving your bait that extra buoyancy. The slight ribbed texture of the foam helps to hold the bait in place. The use of Glow in the dark beads provides that extra bit of temptation which a fish just can’t resist! Glow in the dark is not just for the night time angler, it has been proven to be successful during daytime too. If fishing in the evening, charge up the beads by shining a bright torch onto them to maximise their effect.

Currently available in three different sizes; small, medium and large at selected tackle shops. For further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us!

The live bait dangle

Fishy Tales’ live dangle is an easy way to bridle your live bait. Bridling a live bait has been used offshore for many years for targeting big game fish. Hooking a live bait through its eyes has many advantages. Firstly, the fish stays alive for longer as no vital organs are affected. Secondly, by going through the eye sockets, there is no way that the hook can pull out when a fish takes the bait.

Our live dangles are designed to make for quick and easy rigging, ensuring a rapid turn over time to get it back into the water. The positioning of the hook coupled with stainless steel live dangle prevents the hook from being impaired by the bait, ensuring a perfect hook up every time. The live dangle can be used in any live bait application, be it casting, trolling or drifting.  The live dangle can also be used for casting whole dead baits such as mackerel – eliminating the use for double j-hooks.

For more information on our live dangle check out our demonstration video here!