Trick photography!

You spend hours on the water chasing fish! Anyone who says they never blank clearly needs to invest more time in lotto tickets! You catch your fish, take a snap and head home. Later, you sit back have a beer, admire your photos – but suddenly your catch of the day is a catch of a lifetime. How many people estimate the weight of a fish off a photo? And how badly can this go wrong! On the other hand you get anglers who purposefully go out of their way to make the fish look as big as possible, often resulting in a photo of an extremely out of proportion fish!

We did a quick 24 hour quiz, to see how well photos can trick people! The results speak for themselves! For those of you who did participate, on Instagram or on Facebook, thank you! Here are the details for each of the fish:

Dusky kob, the correct answer was in fact A! This fish weighed 9.7kgs. The shad (which was in fact a mould for those of you who questioned it) was 7.2kgs, which meant that the correct answer was C!

The results from the poll were interesting and can be seen in the graphs below. Green bars are indicative of the category of the actual weight of the fish.

In both cases over 70% of voters got the weight incorrect. In the case of the kob, 48% of voters estimated the fish to be more than double its actual weight!

Here are a few things to consider or look out for when estimating fish weight off photos:

  • is the person touching the fish? If not – alarm bells!
  • are the arms of the person extended?
  • fingers! Fingers are always a good indicator of size, especially hands/fingers around the caudal peduncle (aka. the base of the tail)
  • does the fish look extremely out of proportion? Its head is about to poke through the picture and its tail is nearly on the horizon?
  • look for things in the photo which you can use for size comparisons to indicate scale e.g. paddle tails, reels, rods

We will be posting more on how to take the perfect fishy photo so keep your eyes posted over the next week!

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